Friday, May 16, 2008

The Wolfs Pride

Hello, I am posting a spoiler for my book series

The Wolfs Pride the wilder wolf

The night bore on the only thing that stirred was the beautiful wolf in a soft moss nest with a roof made from bracken. The night has come! The wolf quickly arose to her feet then left her den. Without a single breath of air the wolf reached a gleaming stone that the wolf quickly touched her nose to the rock and slept again. She had a troubled dream a jagged cliff scoured the pelt of three wolfs as they jumped up toward a green bush. Once they reached the bush two other figures arose from the bush and attacked the three wolfs.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” the silver wolf shouted taking in the sight of the three motionless bodies. never fear my daughter. You will be fine. “Yes but my brothers they……” Hush, Silverstar they watch over you now.

“I….why have you shared this with me?” Silverstar asked with a hushed voice. Suddenly the voice turned fierce. BECAUSE YOU ARE TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING! The voice turned calm once more. It is the fate……of one! “the fate of one?” Silverstar echoed the voice uncertain. Find out yourself! the voice trailed off and Silverstar then woke up with a start and hurried back to her den and thankfully she hadn’t woke anyone.


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